Welcome to the Byrappa Institute Of Taekwon-do in short BIT

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2nd Jun 2023
Master Class
ITF Sanctioned Event Semiar 

24th Jun 2023
ITF Sanctioned Event Semiar 

17th Jan 2023
Belt Ceromony
BIT Sanctioned Event 


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14th Aug 2022
Taekwon-Do Belt Test
BIT-ITF Sanctioned Event Kerala & Karnataka

16th Oct 2022
Taekwon-Do Festival
BIT-ITFIC Sanctioned Event Bangalore

28-30 Dec 2022
National Championship
ITF Sanctioned Event Chennai


White Belt 10th Gup

Recent Promotions Black Belt/Dan

14 August 2022

1. Soumitha RajkumarIII Degree

2. Atharva ShahagadkarIII Degree

3. Ayan PrijeeshI Degree

4. Karan ChadhaI Degree

5. Abin DamodarI Degree

6. Avani E.VI Degree

7. Sreenandh E.VI Degree

8. Ajwel JanardhananI Degree

9. Devang JanardhananI Degree

10. Vaishnav K.CI Degree

11. Niveditha K.PI Degree

12. Devanand MI Degree

13. Sreenandan M.KI Degree

14. Devadarsh PI Degree

15. Anunanda PI Degree

16. Karthika P.VI Degree

17. Oraiba Batul SajjadeI Degree

18. Yameen Siddiqua SajjadeI Degree

19. Aadithya Sankar K.PI Degree

20 November 2022

1. Lavanya Dwarakanath RamadevaI Degree

1. Radha Dwarakanath RamadevaI Degree

25 November 2022

1. Mohammed UmarI Degree

2. Asrar AhmedI Degree

Open Book


Organisation Certified?
ITF Clubs

If your organisation is in good standing with the ITF they will be listed on ITF web and have one or both of the following on display:

If your unsure please ask to see the Instructor’s and Club’s qualifications. Any reputable ITF Clubs or Instructors are proud to display the above.

Are you ITF Certified?
Your Degree

This certificate along with the Mini Cert proves your current grade, the status card proves you are currently an ITF member.
These are the only credentials recognised by the ITF. Any reputable Club or Instructor are proud to display theirs with a current status card.